Make content work for you

Get unique, quality content delivered direct to your website to engage your audience and build your authority.

App Features

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Be found first

Build your online presence through customised, targeted content to improve the visibility of your key words and phrases. A growing website with new and relevant content is treated positively in the organic search engine rankings. With a higher search position, it will be easier for potential customers to find you. The resultant increase in traffic to your website will be accompanied by a rise in conversions.

Be an authority

Make your website an authority - the 'go to' place for news and articles about your industry. Regular updates of engaging articles and industry news will ensure your website is always up-to-date and you'll always have plenty to talk about in social media and in your newsletters. Fresh content will entice new prospects and increase the number of repeat visitors. As the articles reside on your own website, you'll keep your hard-won prospects and customers from straying.

Be in control

You have full control over the content delivery process. You can change the brief at any time and we will ensure that all content will conform to and change with your online marketing and SEO strategies. We'll work together on building a dynamic content calendar that your whole marketing team can have access to anytime. The content we create for you is yours to freely use across social media, email marketing, PR campaigns and all other distribution channels.

Build brand value

The value of building your brand into an authority in its niche cannot be underestimated. Neither should the time and hard work that needs to be put in to create and maintain that brand.Does your website reflect your brand? Does the content on your website make you feel great about your brand?We know how to write content that will fortify your brand and build your reputation.

Online news and content

Newsvend delivers a focused product to businesses that are seeking to build their online presence through the addition of industry news, articles and other customised, relevant and unique content.

The aim of Newsvend is to combine depth of coverage, crisp copywriting, speed of delivery and SEO knowledge to create an unparalleled new media news and content agency. Newsvend provides a range of customised content feeds over intranet, internet and mobile platforms to a diverse range of businesses across the UK, US and worldwide.

With a dedicated team of professional journalists, access to a range of specialist and paid-for international news agency networks and a continual stream of press releases from PR firms across the country, Newsvend has the latest in breaking news stories covering just about every industry.

Articles are written to satisfy the editorial requirements of the customer brief. In-house search engine optimisation and social media experts provide ongoing guidelines and support to the editorial team, ensuring all copy is in line with the client's online marketing strategies and the latest natural search techniques.